Tips For Getting Slim

Tips For Getting Slim
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If you are wondering how to get slim in weeks without having to rely on weight loss surgery or extreme diets, this is the article written for you. Here are a few tips for getting slim this winter:

Have A “Slim” Mindset

The way you think about and react to cravings is crucial and influences how successful you are in losing weight. Those who are overweight generally have a tendency to think only about the temptation they have at hand and how it will taste or the temporary pleasure eating it. Those who “think slim” generally ponder the consequences of eating a treat and how it will affect them later in terms of heaviness or weight gain.

Feeling Slim

Next time you are tempted to eat something that is not in line with your weight loss goals, practice visualizing how you will feel after consuming it – imagine your feelings 10 minutes after eating it, an hour later, and again after it has made you gain weight. Make this type of thought process a habit and it should deter you from giving in to temptation.

Spend More Time With Slim People

This doesn’t mean you dump all your non-slim friends. Research suggests that the average body type of those we hang out with influences our weight and size. If you start hanging around more people who are slim and fit (like those at the gym or in a brisk walking group), you will probably subconsciously gain a better template of what is “normal” in terms of weight and size.

Be Fair And Reasonable With Yourself

After you start making progress, don’t give up every time you slip up. It is normal to give in to temptation every now and then. But don’t beat yourself up over it and decide that there is no point in staying the course because you “blew it”. Don’t expect your diet to go perfectly. You may indulge in food that’s off your diet once in a while – and it’s okay.

Once you reach a healthy weight, it is okay to have a flexible range in which you allow your weight to fluctuate a bit by a few pounds on either side of your ideal weight. If you are too rigid with yourself, your self-imposed restriction may backfire and lead to a full-scale binge.

Weight Loss Is Not The Answer To All Your Problems

Getting slimmer and fitter will definitely make you healthier and also have positive effects in your life in other ways, even some unexpected ways. However, being slimmer doesn’t make you immune from bad days at work or self-doubt and may not always increase your sense of self-worth.

Many people are disappointed when they find that losing weight doesn’t dissolve all their problems. This often makes them resort to unhealthy choices in diet again. Beware of falling into this trap. Getting slimmer and being healthier is just one goal or need you have in life. It does not automatically resolve every other issue you have.

Feed Your Hunger

Eating sugary foods or “simple”, refined foods leads to a spike in your blood sugar level and then a crash in your energy level. This makes you crave more sugar. For long-lasting energy that doesn’t fizz out quickly, eat protein and good, complex carbs with every meal as well as healthy snacks. A healthful meal should include complex carbs, legumes, fruits, and veggies. The slow release energy you gain from this will keep your motivation high in sticking to your weight loss goals.

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Take Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are often recommended for the people who are medically obese or those who want to lose unwanted pounds. Many of these pills are blended with natural ingredients that help you to decrease your appetite and allow you to experience tremendous weight loss results.

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