Lost Desired Weight Before Marriage

I tried this product for more than a month and saw a drop of 2 pounds. Gym workouts and PhenQ helped me to get a lean before my marriage. I looked happy, lean and satisfied after getting the desired results. PhenQ pills are good if you know how to use.

It Is Really Good To See Such Results

Hello, I am Kristina Mac Rayon, a teacher by profession who loves to indulge in various cardiovascular activities. It was that time when I had a miscarriage. And due to this, I saw a significant weight gain. I thought the reason for my weight gain was the high dosage medicines. Looking at the weight gain,… Continue Reading

Worked With No Side-Effects

I was distraught with my body weight. I used to feel my body weight was not up to what average 27-year girls should have. And to improvise, I started gym-ing, but my work timings didn’t allow to workout daily. While I was surfing for weight loss techniques, I bumped on to one of the PhenQ… Continue Reading

Dropped 8 Pounds

I was obese for two years and those two years were miserable for me. My weight was 200 pounds, and this was all because of my love for food, desserts, and alcohol. I was quite okay at first after I was found to be obese. But I started to see the after effects, and that… Continue Reading

A Dream Turning Into Reality

I was breaking apart when I found my reports of obesity and high blood sugar symptoms. I felt I have no future now. My mom and dad literally motivated every day to forget and start something to get rid this off. But I didn’t lose hopes and started to look for remedies. This is when… Continue Reading

Lost As Much As 23lbs

I had gain loads of post-pregnancy weight and had lost all the hopes to get back in shape. At a point, I didn’t feel like to lose weight but the consequences I faced motivated me to lose weight. I went through lower stamina, strength, and libido which are some of the symptoms of obese. This… Continue Reading

15-Pound Goal

I used to be 150 pounds, and this started creating problems in my married life. The obese level was so high that I had lost all the charm I had before. Both physically and sexually. While my family was upset with no perfect solution, Diana, my wife came across PhenQ. I started consuming with no… Continue Reading

Lost 12 Kilos in 4 Weeks

My husband got these pills for himself but the lazy bum did not bother taking them. I took these for a little over 4 weeks and have lost 12 Kilos. I will continue taking them as they dont send me to the bathroom often. The garcinia ones I took before these were bad. I like phenq… Continue Reading

I Know Its Hard To Believe.. But It Does Work!!!

So these were rated as #1 on a website & I decided to give it a go. Week 1: Started taking these on a Monday. Took pills with me to the office every day. Took 2 pills after lunch. Checked my weight on Sunday. No weight loss… But… No Weight Gain as well!!! I felt lighter… Continue Reading