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PhenQ VS Phen375 – Which Phen Alternative Is Better?

PhenQ VS Phen375 was always on my list. Not because of various ingredients or benefits it gives, but kind of effects it has on its audience.

There is no doubt that these two weight loss supplements have created a stir with their effectiveness and no-side-effect benefits.

PhenQ VS Phen375

Amidst, all the scam rumors, these products have maintained a good rapport with their customers. Looking at the backgrounds, these both products serve customers an effective weight-loss pill.

No doubt, the ingredients used in both the products have fulfilled many dreams. But coming back to the reality, both the products claims its position to be the best weight loss product. Let’s compare both the product and understand a bit more.

PhenQ VS Phen375

Like what you were looking, we present you the comparison of two potent products. Before we start the actual work, please note that both the products are effective in their own ways. This article is purely upon what we feel about each product, but that doesn’t mean any product is ineffective.

Let’s see the effectiveness of both the products with each sub-headings and information present in it.



While the rest of the weight loss products targets fat burn or increase metabolism, this product targets appetite suppression.

Reports suggest that the PhenQ diet pills have helped people to be in shape with its multi-dimensional effects.

The ingredients used in the pills claim to combat severe body disorders and motivates overall body fitness.

The camaraderie between each ingredient has given note-worthy results and experiences.



The other product is neck-to-neck with PhenQ is definitely something that Wolfson Berg might call a fierce competitor. And why, Phen375 claims to stand for what it promises.

The best part of Phen375 is the popularity it gained in such a short time.

The product created a buzz in the weight loss market with no side-effect benefits. The clinical testing was the significant proof that helps Phen375 to acquire huge status in the market.

This supplement is also designed brilliantly that targets hunger suppression.


With the unique selling proposition of both the product seems same, the work process, we believe might be the same. With hunger suppression as their core target, PhenQ and Phen375 claim to live up their USP.

Both the products claim to reduce the fat consumption and formation in the body. The unique blend of ingredients professes weight-loss benefits.

To my confession, the products have various natural but common ingredients, making the product effective. The other ingredients too are the cherry on the icing.

PhenQ has Nopal, Capsimax® Powder, α-Lacys Reset®, and Chromium Picolinate as other ingredients.

On the other hand, Phen375 have Dendrobium Nobile Extract, Coleus Forskolii Root PE, Citrus Aurantium, and Cayenne Pepper.

Apart from that, what you missed in these list of natural ingredients is what you will be reading below. The reason we thought to keep that in a separate section with a short description is that of its effects and contribution towards weight loss.


Yes, it is a weight loss ingredient too. To your surprise, caffeine is one of the celebrated weight-loss ingredients. Despite caffeine have health side-effects, both the product managed to keep at a normal level.

Caffeine adds the advantages list with increased metabolism, enhanced neurotransmitters, appetite suppression and improved energy.


While PhenQ has 142.5mg, Phen375 includes 75mg of Caffeine which is regarded as normal to consume.


This ingredient holds a superb history of effects on weight and fat loss. Most weight loss supplements available might have L-Carnitine as their active ingredient.

Though there are no reported side-effects from L-Carnitine, we advise consulting your doctors while using any weight loss product. Especially someone who is under health treatments or medication.

The supplement with L-Carnitine can help with boost in metabolism, fat loss, energy levels and moods. L-Carnitine motivates natural thermogenesis in the body.


The percentage of L-Carnitine in Phen375 is 68%, and the amount in PhenQ is 150mg that is safe for healthy weight loss.

We believe that both the active ingredients are in the safe proposition that is safe for health. While both the products have different portions of Caffeine and L-Carnitine, we think PhenQ looks more effective than Phen375. This is what we, but that doesn’t mean other is ineffective.

While the natural ingredients looked effective and potent, the least we expect are the range of benefits. While we expect the benefits to be the same for both the products, let’s take a quick look at side-effects.

Phen375 Vs. PhenQ: Side-Effects

While you must have read each of the products, briefly, we hope that you might not slip with this one.


Yes, caffeine might cause side-effects. But only for ones who are allergic to caffeine. So if you are allergic then try products that have no caffeine.

Caffeine Allergic Should Avoid Its Use

Note: The amount of caffeine used in both the products are very much low compared to the average range. So you can consume any of these pills without any doubt.

Weight Loss Results

According to each product, the results are expected faster. In fact, the manufacturers of each promise Money Back Guarantee.

PhenQ promises 60-Day, and Phen375 pledges 30-Day money back guarantee.

While you might be expecting result ratio, one of the articles came up including expected weight loss results.

Phen375 is likely to shed 2-5 pounds a week and PhenQ 1-2 pounds a week. This might look fascinating, and some of you almost have concluded already. But there is a piece of advice if you can follow.

Try using PhenQ pills over Phen375 as because of such higher dip rate. An increased weight loss can invite other health issues and complications that you would like to prevent. Whereas, PhenQ reduces number healthily causing no other health complications.

Use PhenQ For Healthy Weight Loss

But this is what we feel!

That’s completely on you as like we said earlier, both the products are best in their ways.

PhenQ Or Phen375 – Which You Should Choose?

The answer might not fascinate you, but we think you should try PhenQ. The simplest reason that we can give you is due to their weight loss rates.

Though you need results faster as possible think peacefully, what if it affects you negatively? Excess weight loss and not Phen375.

If you still desire to use Phen375, then you can, without any doubts as it is also an effective product. The reviews and feedback of Phen375 are brilliant and noteworthy.

Now it’s up to you, what you choose!

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