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PhenQ Pills
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There are thousands upon thousands of weight loss supplements available online and in health stores near you, but the chance of you find a unique supplement like PhenQ Pills is very low. This is because PhenQ is a weight loss and fat burn pill that attacks the problem of excess fat and weight gain from different angles instead of the traditional one aspect. This multifaceted approach to weight loss has managed to spark a new wave of dietary supplements while giving you fast-acting weight loss without any side effects or adverse reactions.

The official website of this fat burning supplement states that for providing the results you get with one pill of PhenQ, you might need multiple pills from various other supplements since most of the other products in the market only focus on one factor for their promise of weight loss.

However, with PhenQ Pills, you will be able to enjoy an increase in metabolism, energy levels, fat loss and appetite suppression by taking only one pill every day.

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According to the official PhenQ website, the owners and manufacturers of this supplement are Wolfson Berg Limited who has been a leading figure in the supplements industry for over ten years. This company has offices worldwide for their global clients with their head office in the United States:

244 Madison Avenue
10016-2817 New York City
United States

Since PhenQ is one of the many products available through the official website, the makers of this supplement have provided you with a toll-free phone number and email which you can use to contact the company for any queries and requests regarding the product:

Customer care: +1 (646) 513 2632

PhenQ Ingredients

Because the manufacturers decided to create a pill that will incorporate multiple weight loss benefits, patented formulas were created to optimize the ingredient composition and blending process. One such weight loss formula that has been proven to help users lose weight and burn fat is called α-Lacys Reset® and makes up the core of PhenQ Pills.

According to the official website, α-Lacys Reset® is designed to help your body burn fat faster while increasing the metabolic rate at which food is digested into energy. This formula also comes with clinically proven results that show it’s effectively at helping users burn fat and lose weight.

The scientific results of studies conducted on α-Lacys Reset® are provided below:

  • 7.24% Loss Of Body Fat
  • 3.44% Loss Of Body Weight
  • 3.80% Increase In Muscle Mass

When used in PhenQ Pills, this proprietary formula causes no side effects while accelerating fat burn and muscle gain. The official website states that these are the natural ingredients used to help you lose weight and burn fat:

  • L-Carnitine Furmarate
  • Capsicum Extract (from Capsimax®)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Niacin Powder (from Capsimax®)
  • Sipernat 225 (Silicon Dioxide)
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Magnesium Stearate (veg. derived)
  • Nopal
  • Chromium (from Chromium Picolinate)
  • α-Lacys Reset®
  • Piperine Extract (from Capsimax®)

PhenQ Pills Ingredients

The Benefits Experienced:

Over 190 thousand men and women have ordered and used PhenQ with different levels of success with no complaints of side effects or of being a subpar product. This is because the users who used this supplement enjoy the benefits that are given to those who want to lose weight through natural means.

Here is a list of the major benefits you can experience with this premium fat burner:

Improved Mood & Motivation: This supplement contains components which help boost your serotonin levels while reducing your cortisol levels so that you are motivated by your weight loss.

Multi-Factor Weight Loss: The weight loss pill helps combat different factors of fat gain which can cause fast weight loss in men and women when compared to other similar products.

Fast Acting Fat Burn: PhenQ contains complex blends of ingredients which help stimulate the metabolic rate and thermogenic rate of the body for fast acting fat burn without discomfort or side effects.

Stops Fat Production: This weight loss supplement helps prevent the production of excess fat which is stored in the gut. With the burning of fat and stopped production of fat, you experience fast fat loss.

Suppresses Appetite: Like other weight loss supplements, PhenQ Weight Loss Pills helps you control your appetite and tendency to binge eat. Appetite control can solve half the problem with weight loss for most people.

Energy Boost: Due to the burning of carbohydrates and excess fat in the stomach, energy is produced which helps prevent energy dips due to weight loss and dieting.

PhenQ Benefits

PhenQ Side Effects

While most weight loss supplements with caffeine come with a warning of possible side effects, the manufacturers of PhenQ Pills promise that there are no known side effects for this supplement. This is because the proprietary formula used has been tested to make sure that the levels of caffeine included don’t exceed the safe limits for average Americans. However, if you are taking this supplement on a daily basis, heavy coffee drinkers might want to reduce their coffee intake. Each pill of this supplement contains 142.5mg of Caffeine Anhydrous.

The Manufacturer’s Advise:

According to the manufacturers, if you are someone who has pre-existing health problems or someone who is taking prescription medication for major health issues, you should talk to your doctor before starting PhenQ or any other weight loss supplement. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, it’s advised not to take this supplement for the duration. Children under the ages of 18 are also not recommended to use PhenQ as the scientifically proven dosage of each pill is designed with the physical needs of adults.

PhenQ Supplement Facts

PhenQ Pills Deals & Savings:

Wolfson Berg Limited has managed to create a product that is in demand throughout the world and can now be purchased worldwide with many different currencies. There are three deals to be had with the most popular being the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal. There is also shipping and handling free along with ten bonus free e-books on diet and detox programs, nutrition and workout guides, meal plans, log book for your meals, and more.

Here are the deals, prices and saving you get when you order PhenQ Pills from the official website.




Buy 1 Bottle69.9589.9545.9594.9565.9557.23999.9
You Save1020825109.96100
Buy 2, Get 1 Free139.9179.991.9189.9129.95114.451,990.90
You Save99.95149.9569.95199.9597.987.121,308.80
Buy 3, Get 2 Free & Free Advana Cleanse189.95245.95129.95245.95174.95174.952,999.90
You Save209.8303.8139.8403.8204.8204.82,499.60

Also note that while there are some cheap and counterfeit bottles of PhenQ on Amazon or eBay, the manufacturers strongly advise you to only order through the official website to get the genuine product. And when you order through the manufacturer’s website, you are also eligible for the 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you are interested, head to the manufacturer’s website for the details.

PhenQ Weight Loss Pills Offer

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  1. I’m really happy with results PhenQ has shown to me. I was doing so my dieting and could move a fat but with these pills, I have lost 5 lbs in just a few weeks. So happy with results. Though its such a slow process but I’m glad that it showed me. Such effective pills they are. Truly, I’m gonna suggest to everyone.

  2. I’ve been using PenQ for about 1 month while dieting. I can’t believe that I have lost 4″ from my waist and 14 lbs so far. I have dieted before but have never had these fast results. I don’t honestly know if it is the pills but I honestly have not been hungry. I’m very pleased with this product and will continue to use.

  3. I’ve been working towards a weight loss goal for some time now with my personal trainers. I’ve tried several weight management supplements but none has been successful until I was introduced to try your product through one of my gym buddy. In a natural reaction, I was skeptical to try the product but after thinking a lot and reading more about the product, I started using it. I must say with this product I have lost 15 pounds in 1 month. Really satisfied with the kind of results, it showed me. hoping some more weight loss.

  4. I am over 40, and my metabolism has slowed down tremendously. I also usually work over 40 hrs per wk, while completing my Master’s degree, which leaves little to no time for exercise. Also, I do count calories on most days, and I am more cautious of what I eat, the pounds still don’t disappear as quickly as I’d like. With the 1st bottle I bought, I really didn’t see much of a change, however, no fault of the product. I honestly did not follow instructions in regard to the number of pills to take a day; it was hit or miss with me. Due to the great reviews I’d read, I decided to purchase a 2nd bottle, and actually, follow directions this time!
    Since beginning the 2nd bottle, I see a great change in my waistline; it is actually shrinking! When I finally looked in the mirror, I was really shocked that I could tell a difference. I also noticed that my pants were not as tight around my waist anymore. I haven’t finished the entire bottle yet, and unfortunately fell off my schedule of taking them; sometimes I’d simply forget. I also have not experienced any negative side effects which are very important to me.

  5. I was doing regular Pilates and yoga classes and despite feeling stronger, I wanted to lose weight to fit back into my clothes after stress eating when my mother passed away but it was a lot of effort for very little results. After adding PhenQ to my regular exercise schedule without changing my diet, I lost 8lbs in just a little over 2 weeks, will definitely repurchase again!

  6. The pills are much larger than I expected but I have been taking supplements for years and it’s not a big deal. The product came on the expected delivery date and I must say the packaging was very good. Really high-quality packaging for their products which says a lot about them. I noticed some fat loss within a couple of days and no negative side effects so far. Hoping to see some more fat burn through this pill.

  7. I don’t want to write a really long review so I will keep this short and simple:
    – PhenQ works well.
    – It doesn’t cause any digestion problems like other products.
    – Can be taken on an empty stomach without issue.
    – Shows results very quickly (11 days for me)

  8. My one bottle of PhenQ is just about finished and am here to reorder it but this time go for the 2+1 deal. From my use of PhenQ, I can say that this weight loss pill is a success as I have lost over 10 pounds in 3 weeks already.

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